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We spend our lives surrounded by others, we are all social animals. And as social animals we come to a point where we start creating bonds with others that stand at a stronger and deeper level then what strangers might have.

In our lifetime it is important to have relationships and bonds, ones that are quality, one that will last. As social beings, we have to realize the importance of building long-lasting relationships with others. In the long run, it’s beneficial.

So what makes putting time and effort into another person so important?


It helps you understand empathy

Empathy is an incredibly important trait to have when creating relationships, whether romantic, platonic, or professional. Empathy is being able to connect with a person, being able to understand one another. It’s something we all want, to feel understood, accepted.

Having these people who are constantly in your life, as a source of joy or as a source of companionship or creative endeavors will give you a chance to understand emotions better, to understand people. Because you can study yourself for years, but you are only learning from a single temperament, it’s good to experience a wide range of emotions to help you understand the complexity of another soul.

Once you understand that and gain that ability to empathize with others, it can open doors to greater opportunities.


It helps you build commitment skills

Now commitment is a scary word in most groups, but really, it’s gotten a bad rep. Having the ability to commit to things, not just people but any endeavor, is building your dedication and productivity. It’s building you as a person.

Having the power to commit yourself to a friend or lover or co-worker gives you the practical experience needed for any future task. Learning a new language, learning an instrument, building a company, it all takes commitment. And what better place to naturally pick up on those skills then through relationships with others.


It creates a support system

This one is important, because the truth is, everyone gets sad. Everyone goes through difficult moments in their lives, whether massive or minor, it’s always important to have the chance to vent.

As your life grows, you are constantly creating your atmosphere through the actions you do and the people you choose to grow with. These people, at times of need, can be your saving grace. Whether it’s a shoulder to cry on, someone to grab a drink with after work, or someone to laugh with, these relationships are something to fall back on.

Don’t be afraid to gain drive from another when you find yourself out of motivation.

Remember, quality over quantity, it’s better to become close with few then to be known by plenty. Don’t be afraid of the power of a rightful friendship.

Author: Steven Guillen

Steven Guillen is a current journalism student at FIU trying to find his place in the world through his passion for music, food and literature. You can catch Steven out in nature, listening to live music with a pint in hand or relaxing at home with his cats and a good book. An aspiring writer with hopes of leaving a literary mark on the world.

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