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Have you ever been labeled as lazy because you’re a millennial? Well, you certainly weren’t the first and won’t be the last. Other generations have often defined millennials as lazy when it comes to work, school, and life in general.


While we shouldn’t care what people think, we do have the opportunity as individuals to defy this stereotype in our own lives. One way to fight it is by setting strong, achievable goals.


Taking the time to set SMART goals will help you focus your efforts and improve the odds of reaching the things you want in life. This means putting together goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time bound.


There are numerous ways to categorize goals that can help you improve multiple aspects of your life at the same time. Let’s take a look at three specific types of goals that can get you started on a path to break the lazy stigma associated with millennials.


Mental Goals


Your brain is your most vital asset. Strengthening your mind will be essential to personal growth and setting goals related to that will benefit the rest of your life.


Commit to learning something new every day. Whether it be improving knowledge of something you already know, or learning an entirely new skill. Try finding something you can monetize and turn into a side business for extra income.


Spend your spare time reading a novel or researching something useful online. Focus on ways to be more productive and avoid timewasting activities like social media, video games, etc.


The more knowledge you work to gain, the less you will appear as one of the so-called lazy millennials. Your intelligence and wisdom will prove them wrong.


Physical Goals


Just as important as working out your mind, is working out your body. This can include both exercising and eating healthy.


The word “diet” can often have a negative connotation, so if you don’t like dieting, simply focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle instead. Most millennials know what is healthy and what is not, so train yourself to make healthy decisions part of your daily routine.


Pairing regular exercise with healthy eating will give a significant boost to your physical health. Doing cardio is one of the best ways to burn fat and keep you fit.


Having a daily goal to complete exercises like walking, running, elliptical training, and swimming are all great ways to lose weight and stay in shape. If you couple your cardio with stretching and yoga, it will balance out your routine and help loosen up tight areas, making the exercises easier.


Taking care of your body is another big goal that has visible proof to show you don’t fall into the lazy millennial category.


Spiritual Goals


This will mean something different to everyone. It isn’t always about being religious or finding God. This is about taking the time to figure out who you are inside and what you truly want out of life.


Spiritual goals can be as simple as meditating for a few minutes every day. Take some time away from the hustle and find a quiet place to sit and relax.


If you want to do something a bit more elaborate to find yourself, consider taking some time off work and go on a trip. Take a solo vacation and go somewhere you have never been. This will help you learn more about yourself, gain a new perspective, and possibly make some new connections.


These goals will push you to realize your purpose in life. They will play a major role in helping you determine what you are meant to do.




One of the most important steps of setting your goals will be to find a way to keep yourself accountable for them. Whether that means recruiting a friend or family member to tackle it with you, or to simply help you keep track of it, you’ll want someone to keep you liable for your goals.


While some may consider millennials the lazy generation, setting achievable goals in these three categories will be a big step in changing their minds. As we show mental, physical, and spiritual improvements, the stigma will fade and we will make a new name for ourselves.


What are some specific goals you have set to contest this common stereotype? Leave a comment below.

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