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Miami is an entertainment city. Filled with food, events, nightlife, culture and music. The artistic world in Miami runs deep into its infrastructure, that’s why we are constantly in the spotlight for showcasing works from painters, writers and musicians—It’s just a part of the city, like the beach and the palm trees.

Now Every city has its bands whose sound perfectly encompasses the lifestyle of that location. Las Vegas has The Killers, New York has The Strokes.

Miami is no different, with its unique blend of cultures and personalities, the music coming out of this city is just as vibrant and new as its locale.


Cannibal Kids

Cannibal Kids consist of four local friends from various parts of Miami. With surfer sounds and indie vibes, this group which formed in 2014 has been gaining steady attention and has already released their newest LP, “Bloom.”


The Remyz

A fusion of funk and pop these four members have been combining sounds from past and present and bringing it to Miami bars and venues. With recent awards like winners of The Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands Miami and the 2017 Band of the Year award by SSA Original Music Fest South Florida, this band has proven that funk can win the crowd over.


Above the Skyline

With members jumping from project to project and others joining in later on, this band was in the making for some time. Eventually, the members found one another and formed this eccentric group with a varying of styles. Their most recent full-length album “Go For Broke” came out in 2016 but their presence is still strong in Miami as they hop from venue to venue playing gigs.

Long Shore Drift

This band was formed by family members, excluding the bassist, at a young age and have continued to play surf-vibe new-wave music since. Consisting of some of the youngest members on this list, this 5-piece band has gotten recognition for their unique sound and mature lyrics that have earned them a spot in Miami’s music scene.

Sun Ghost

Full of sun-drenched, psychedelic, garage-rock noise, this band is already well established in Miami. Consisting of four members that met at a college in Miami, they have been touring and playing since 2013. With awards under their belt like Miami NewTime’s Best Band of The Year in 2015 and Okeechobee Battle of The Bands winners. This is one band to look out for.

Miami’s creative voice is full of powerful and unique sounds. From the up and coming to the well-established, hidden away in bars and venues are some of the next big acts.

Did we leave one out? Let us know who in the comments below.

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